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February Paws for Thought


February 2019

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LEVELS ULTIMATE (Full Year):  $2499.99 (SAVINGS of more than $1000!!) gets you 12 months of Levels UNLIMITED classes, PLUS 10 extras (Privates or Intensives) to complement your enrolment, some conditions apply.  ON SALE for $2199.99 (hst included) through March 31, 2019.

Email us for details!

LEVELS EXTENDED (6 months):  $1249.99 (SAVINGS of more than $600!!) gets you 6 months of Levels UNLIMITED classes, PLUS 3 extras (Privates or Intensives) to complement your enrolment.  ON SALE for $999.99 (hst included) through March 31, 2019.

Email us for details!


Puppy news!



Do you know anyone with a new puppy?  We offer a free puppy class just for the younger crowd!  We know that the best way to keep a dog in his first home forever is to get him started on the right paw in puppy class so we offer a free puppy class to younger puppies!  This is a three-week class designed to get families started out right.  We hope that many pups will enjoy their time in class and continue, but even if they don't, we are happy to have them in the free program.  Don't forget to pick up some of our puppy cards for anyone you know who has a puppy. 


Every Puppy Deserves Puppy Class and at Dogs in the Park we give it to them FREE for the younger ones! 

 For more information or to register, please contact us at


We are so happy to have so many amazing puppies joining our 8-week long, Every Puppy’s Education (EPE) program.  Each week, EPE students have unlimited access to 9 drop-in, EPE classes every week; plus both Puppy Play Groups (for pups the right age) every week; plus you can earn your way onto our completely unique, outdoor & off leash Puppy Walk!  To get the most out of your enrolment, we suggest attending two or at most three classes each week, and attend one play group or walk.   

PRO TIP!  If your puppy had his vaccines earlier in the day, take that day off puppy class to optimize your pup’s learning and health.  Coming the day before visiting the veterinarian, and the day after is a much healthier bet! 

Register online at or email us at to get your puppy registered this week!


At Dogs in the Park we give it to them FREE!*

If you know a young puppy, we have a puppy class just for them.  With more and more of our clients working shifts, staying home to care for their family, and retiring, we have found that our day time classes are better attended than ever!  Now you don't have to wait for Levels to start a day time class-you can start as soon as you get your pup!   

Email for more details.  Include your pup's name, date of birth and breed (or mix) so that we can confirm eligibility!

* Some conditions apply

Levels news!

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Do you know about all the extras? Extras are the activities you can access when you and your dog have passed specific behaviours in the Levels program. The first thing you can access is Games when you have passed Level 2. You can also access several Intensives including Tunnels and Jumps, and Rally. If you came to Levels from Every Puppy’s Education and participated in Puppy Walks, you can access Rocking Horse Walk as long as you are a member of the Levels Program. If you didn’t make it out to Puppy Walk, or if you have joined Levels with an adult dog, pass all of the pink behaviours and you can join in too! Email John for more details!

Keep checking in to the Intensives pages to keep an eye out for other intensives that open up for you as you pass various behaviours!


We have so many wonderful, small dogs in our regular obedience program, called Levels UNLIMITED that we’re adding a 2nd ALL SMALL class, dedicated to dogs under 10 kgs (22 pounds).  TUESDAYS AT 7:00pm is just for our ALL SMALL group. 

Small dogs also have unlimited access to our other 17 Levels Classes each week.  All Levels classes operate on a true, drop-in basis, once you’ve done your intake class with your dog. 

PRO TIP!  Small dogs have smaller stomachs, so it is important to limit treat size and quantity.  Talk to your instructor about how to use play instead of food to build drive and maintain behaviours in your small breed dog! 


Start with 18 drop-in classes for your convenience!

With Levels Unlimited, you can take advantage of a world class training system.  Pass Level 2 and you become eligible for additional classes each week.  If you are new to our Levels Classes, come to one Levels Orientation class – offered by appointment and then you’ll have unlimited access to our nineteen (18) weekly drop-in classes, much like a gym membership! 

     When?  Daytime, Evening & Weekend Classes; as many as you can make!

     How Long?  60 minute classes

     How much?  $379.99 / dog for 8 weeks

    Renew your membership by your renewal date for $349.99, a $30 discount for renewing!

Register online at or email us at to get your small dog registered this week!


Are you struggling with a training issue at home?  Many common trouble spots don’t need to be addressed with a full behaviour program but are more than what we deal with in obedience class. $174.99/hour.  Four sessions for $499.99 HST included.

Email us for details!

good dog news

Do you live with a dog with a behaviour problem? From Anxiety and Aggression, to feeling like you are living in a Zoo, we have the resources to help you live with your Good Dog! The Good Dog program is designed to help you with the behaviour problems your dog is living with!

Please check Facebook before walk every Sunday afternoon in case of cancellations due to weather or instructor illness.

Facebook Changes

 Facebook has changed and we need you to change a little bit too!  If you do this you will continue to see our content regularly in your feed.  We work hard to try and get great content onto our page each and every day.  Facebook is the best way to keep track of what is happening at Dogs in the Park!

1.    Go to the Dogs in the Park Facebook page at

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If you could do one tiny thing that would make your training more successful would you do it?  The thing I am thinking of takes no more than two minutes per class and it can really make the difference between being successful and being frustrated.  It is an easy little thing to do and it is one of the things that I look for as the difference between someone who is serious about meeting their training goals and someone who is just coming to classes and hoping for the best.  What might this tiny thing be?  Keeping a training log!

Keeping a training log can really help to point out when your training is effective and when it is running into trouble.  It helps you to understand when you are stuck and when you are making progress.  It helps you to remember when you have tried something that worked really well, and when you tried something that didn’t work at all.  And it is fun to reflect on your training journey from time to time.

So what does a training log look like?  I have kept several.  Sometimes I make myself a check off list or a chart so that I can keep track of what I have taught my dog and when I want to teach.  More often though, I get a small pocket notebook, and I keep a diary.  I might write out “walked 45 minutes off leash right before class.  Tried to work on recalls and cones and Eco was too tired to be bothered” for instance.  Knowing Eco, I might wonder why 45 minutes of exercise would cause him to be too tired to work in a class and then I could go back another page.  Often I would find out that the day before he had been doing something that took a lot more energy than he normally used up, so I should have either skipped the off leash walk, or worked on something less active.

Keeping notes doesn’t have to be complicated.  It just has to keep you informed about what your goal is, what you have done, and what other things might impact your training on a given day.

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Ride the bus with your puppy or small breed dog!

Did you know that if you don’t have a vehicle to get to class, that you can bring your puppy to class on the bus in a small pet carrier if it fits between the seats on the bus?  Check out the section on the frequently asked questions about Guide Dogs and Service Animals for details on travelling with small family pets on the Guelph Transit Website:  Bus # 20 comes right to our door, at the corner of Massey and Michener, in Guelph!  See the full map of Guelph Transit Routes right here:



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