Dogs in the Park
Where Dogs and their People Build Better Relationships!

The People Behind The Program

Our commitment to quality programming

At Dogs in the Park we are proud to have a team of highly qualified staff to deliver our programs.  Click on the links below to learn more about the people who make up our outstanding team!  If you have a passion for helping people to develop great relationships with their dogs, click on the link below to get to our Instructor in Training Program information page.

Sue and John Alexander

Sue and John Alexander

The Principals

Meet the people who founded Dogs in the Park and who are responsible for the day to day operation of the business.  We develop the programs, hire and train the staff, develop policy and generally run the show.  If you have a question or concern about our programs or policies, these are the people you want to know!

Both of our Principals have earned their Certificate of Professional Dog Training, and they are committed to continuing their development and education in the field of dog behaviour.  To this end, they administer a world class continuing education program in house for the Interns and Instructors who deliver programs alongside of them.


The Instructors

At Dogs in the Park we are very proud to have a highly educated staff who have passed their CPDT-KA or KSA examinations.  This professional designation is a reflection of hard work and dedication both to the craft of training dogs, but also to the art of teaching people to train their dogs. This commitment to excellence means that you can be assured that we will always use the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis to determine the best tools to help you to teach your canine family member the skills you need him to have.  We are committed to furthering the field of dog training through continuing education and development of our staff and having a Certificate of Professional Dog Training, Knowledge Assessed or Knowledge and Skills Assessed means that you can be assured that we will use the most up to date, humane methods and tools when working with you and your dog.

Instructors in Training

We have a large staff of instructors in training at Dogs in the Park.  Instructors in training are dedicated dog trainers who have shown an interest in sharing their passion with others.  Instructors in training commit to a one thousand hour program involving training their own dogs, participating in continuing education activities and assisting and teaching classes.  If you are taking a class there is a pretty good chance that an instructor in training will be the one who will be coaching you and helping you to learn to train your dog, under the direction of a qualified instructor. 


Join our team of Instructors in Training

Are you interested in joining our team of instructors in training?  The Dogs in the Park Instructor Training Program is an intense program of training dogs, learning about the science of behaviour modification, assisting in group classes and beginning to teach classes, all with the goal of preparing you to take and pass the CPDT-KA examination.  We provide coaching, lectures, a reading list and supervised teaching opportunities as you develop your skills to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  Follow the link to learn about our requirements to become an instructor in training at Dogs in the Park!