Dogs in the Park
Where Dogs and their People Build Better Relationships!
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We want you to be happy!

In order to deliver the kind of programming we want to offer, we have a few policies to keep everyone safe and comfortable!

Please stoop and scoop the poop!  We know that once in a while you forget a bag, or you don't find all of it, so if you find someone else's poops, please be kind and scoop those too!  It doesn't happen often but it is a courtesy and keeps everyone healthy and safe!

We want to keep our corporate neighbourhood calm and safe; please be aware that we have the back half of the building and confine yourself and your dog to the back half of the property.

Dogs must be leashed when on the parking lot unless they are being taught a specific outdoor activity off leash under the direction of a Dogs in the Park staff member.

All dogs over 20 weeks of age must present a current rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian licenced anywhere in North America in order to attend any Dogs in the Park function.  Puppies under 20 weeks are exempt from this policy in accordance with current veterinary understanding of their immune system.  Exemptions to this policy will be considered on a case by case basis when supported by a letter of explanation signed by a dog's current and local veterinarian.

Our puppy programs are designed to meet very specific age criteria and we measure those criteria for the free program in days, not weeks or months of age; please respect that when your pup has aged out of the program we cannot offer it to you any longer!

Our Puppy Play Group and Every Puppy's Education programs allow you to stay longer if your puppy is developmentally unprepared to progress and leave early if your puppy is ahead of the curve.  We will determine based on your puppy's behaviour when it is time for him to graduate.

If you wish to speak to our behaviour consultant ahead of meeting with us, there is an administration fee to do so.



Program extensions & Refunds

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your time at Dogs in The Park, because we believe that training should fit into your life; your life shouldn't have to fit into your training! To ensure that you are able to make the most out of your enrolment, we allow you to defer up to half of your enrolment if needed no questions asked (some conditions apply; please ask!).  What this means is that over the course of an 8 week enrolment, you can take up to four weeks off, and bank those to the end of your enrolment.  In order to do this, you simply send us an email telling us you will be away and we will credit your enrolment with the amount of time you will be away.  We do ask that you bank your enrolment in one week blocks.  If you have been sick or if your dog has been ill and you could not come for a week, just let us know and we will bank that missing week too.  We don't need to even know why you weren't able to come to class; we just want to make sure that you get as much as you can out of your time with us!

Refunds are considered on a case by case basis.